For some children, dental treatments can be a source of fear and anxiety. Pediatric sedation dentistry can help make dental procedures more comfortable and stress-free. There are different types of sedation available, including nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation and professional IV sedation.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a safe and effective sedative that is inhaled through a mask. It can help children feel more relaxed and at ease during dental procedures.

Oral conscious sedation involves taking medication before the dental procedure to help the child feel more relaxed and drowsier. The child remains awake and able to communicate with the dentist but may not remember the procedure afterward.

For more complex dental procedures, professional IV sedation may be necessary. An anesthesiologist will administer the sedative intravenously, while the dentist focuses on the dental work.

At Salt Lake Pediatric Dentistry, we have experienced professionals who are trained to provide sedation dentistry services for children. We also have the option to perform treatments that require more advanced sedation techniques at a hospital or surgery center.

If you think that sedation dentistry could benefit your child, please contact 385-378-5931 today to learn more about our services for pediatric sedation in Taylorsville, Utah, and schedule a consultation with our pediatric dentists, Dr. David Gustafson, Dr. Jeffery K. Rupp or our associates. We are committed to making your child’s dental experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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